Defund the Portland Police Bureau



Hi everyone! We originally wrote an email template here to encourage Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland City Council to significantly defund the Portland Police Bureau in their upcoming hearings on the proposed 2020/2021 City Budget on June 10th and June 17th. This proposal includes an INCREASE to the Portland Police Bureau budget by $6,979,478 for a total of $246.2 million. In the same budget proposal, the Mayor is requesting that the City Council approve a 5.6% cut ACROSS THE BOARD to every other department and program, including public housing, transportation, homeless services, and countless other vital resources for Portlanders.

In the interest of standing in solidarity with the organizations who have been doing this work in Portland for years, we have decided to redirect all traffic from this page to the Portland African American Leadership Forum website, which includes an email template to the Mayor and City Council from both PAALF and Unite Oregon.

It’s extremely important that we lift up the voices and demands of the folks who have historical knowledge of and experience with these issues, especially organizations led by people of color. It’s vital that we stay consistent in our messaging with these voices. In addition to PAALF and Unite Oregon, please take some time to connect with organizations who have laid the foundation for this policy work like Care Not Cops, Critical Resistance PDX, Don’t Shoot PDX, and many more on social media and visit their websites below for more information and resources on defunding the Portland Police Bureau. Keep an eye out in the coming days for additional demands and goals laid out by Care Not Cops, as well!


Portland African American Leadership Forum: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Unite Oregon: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Care Not Cops: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Don't Shoot PDX: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Critical Resistance PDX: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook